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Originally Posted by Lenina View Post
Hahaha! I actually thought that the whole 'God created everything six thousand years ago' was a huge joke. My ex's parents said that to me and I almost pissed my pants for laughing but it got a bit uncomfortable when they were not laughing... Kind of freaked me out a little. People can be so fucking stupid.

As for creationism, you can't argue with them, they are closed off to ANY type of alternative.

Even if they never prove how evolution happens, it still does, everyone sits and wonders where we came from but look at the periodic table, just a bunch of chemicals, metals and gasses. Evolution happens.
Religion and it's theories of how life began is a complete joke. I always know if I ever had to testify it would NOT be a holy bibble. I might as well fucking being sworn in on grimms fairy tales. Biology/science has proof of many things. Religion does not. Creationism was explained to me by my brother in law and it sounds so made up I couldn't even finish listening to him. I laugh at people who have faith in religion. It's a crutch.
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