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*walks into Fallen's Palace for the lonely* Hey bro whats up?
A poem from Rosa_Electa, Which i will charish it forever as it was a gift. Thank you hun.


Sunshine is suffocated by night
Yet seeks to be liberated
And shaped into human form
So that it may walk to earth.
Pure is light unfolding in steady rays,
Rising from silence.

Let no force break the perfection
Of waking from the depths and knowing
The secrets of ages.
The bright one rises, bearing a gift
And the chase has begun to
End this fierce cycle of rebirth;
This tireless dream --
End it here.

Warm are the chosen, who endure those
Bright wreaths of light; warm are those who
Burn for the sunís embrace in the finite
Moments that, during the day, are refined.
They are a spectacle of floral fingertips
Extended to the sky.

The passion of the world, some
Hidden boldness, offers solace and
Redeems lost faith.
From soulless mist, bitter years;
The bright one brings the gift of
Life to those dimmed by lifeís betrayal,
Itself betraying something lovely --
To rise again.

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