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fuk u all man. i got growndid coz i wenta sum fortewun concert thing and my bitch ass whore mom sayd dat evil even tho i sawd slipnott dey are well bad gothink shit man muthafukin sik shit yeh an i get pikd on at skool for weerrin my hoodeez wiv my fishnetz an bootz but u don undetstand m pain im so evil man in the head fuck you all against all system. all my friends say im cooll but it aint cool to be cooll so im gonna kill myself, id rather be ded than kool. like it sayz on my teeshirt i bout from olimpuz deesines, i got in my kerrang magerseen.
i fukkin hate evereewun. u should all die coz u dont understand my pain i go throo. all tem peeple takin piss outa me. i shout at em coz im a greebo an thats it and you can alll shit up and die coz im so individual. all my friends say so. they wear the same as me and are jsut like me and we;re all individual togever.
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