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convention bitching, do it here

Ok, after cruising some of the other threads under this Convention niftyness, I've a few things to point out.

1. I heard mention of being able to bring outsiders. Umm...big mistake. I dunno about most of you, but me and my friends, together, with drinks, we become rather...suggestive. We've never caused major problems, but we've done our share of things that were definitely not of the positive realm. And when friends are added in that aren't aware of the others around them...they turn odd. And for me, when I get into those situations and start drinking, I either become a social whore, or really pissed off. I dunno, outsiders to me just seems like trouble.

2. Drinks. trying to get the cops called for sure? No quicker way that I can think of...

3. Hotel rooms and the place this is happening at. Oh man. Whoever is signing for those things, better have a nice security deposit, and better plan to have some stuff destroyed, cause I can gaurentee something will get broken, or perhaps stolen.

4. Enemies of people on here. While I don't think I have any myself (At least none that have made me aware of their hatred), there are people on here with conflicts. Have any plans to keep them from going toe to toe? Or are you going to just hope for the best? Having any variety of insurance as to weapons being brought in? Cause damn near everywhere I go, I have at least one knife on me. And when people get to drinking, and someone says something they may not like, who knows what will pop into the drunkard's head.

Sorry if it seems like I'm raining on this, or trying to shoot it down. Hell, its a kool idea. But at this point, thats all it is, and idea. I think its going to take alot longer than 10 months (I saw that number somewhere, not sure on its accuracy) to put this thing together solidly. Just trying to keep your feet on the ground.

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