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I threw a bottle of my own urine at someone today

Bastard NHS pieces of shit.

I went to my doctor's today and they refused to even see me for the appointment I'd made last week because I tried to do the right thing by letting them know my new address. Bastardfuckers said they could no longer see me and would be deleting my medical files from their records because I now - get this - live two and a half miles outside their catchment area.

The practice manager was the kind of mealy mouthed cow that tries soooooooooooo hard to understand yet speaks to you like a three year old and still says no. What is so damn complicated about understanding that I want to continue seeing the doctor I’ve been seeing since I was bloody eleven?! I was scared and upset already, so totally went to pieces and threw my wee sample at the bitch.

I don’t think they’d be having me back there now, anyway.
Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

No...wait...I take that back...I have no problem with the horse you rode in on.
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