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Lexus vs scooter

Someone from another forum I read was involved in an accident yesterday.

Basically, a car rally was going one direction, the scooter rally was going the other.

"Just talked to someone who was on the ride and he described the accident as a young early 20's kid driving an Lexus SC300 50-55mph around a 25mph turn loosing control, locking his brakes up and skidding into the on coming lane hitting Josh head on. Josh was on his Green Laser (not leading but in the middle of the pack) which was thrown some 100 yards backwards and down into a ravine. Both car and scooter are totaled."

To get an idea of how bad it turned out, the scooter rider is in the hospitial, the Lexus driver was still in his car when the pic were taken. You can view them here:Modern Vespa : Josh Rogers (Scoot Magazine) went down today Mar 2 at noon

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