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Moans in the Night
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Seronus stared at all the homeless people around them and he thought of the little mortality these people held. He almost cried that day seeing all the needy people wandering around aimlessly and eating the most disgusting food he had seen in a life time. He wanted to reach out to these people and save them from the pains and sufferings of life, the same as he experienced.

He saw the woman named Victoria and he wanted to free her from this harsh reality. He felt for these poor souls, he wanted to reach out to them, each and every one of them. Wanting to aid these people he felt Amaya's touch upon him once more. He liked her sweet cool skin upon his own, he could feel the blood churning inside of her, the warmth that she possessed deep inside of her.

He talked boastfully towards Amaya.
These people. They are so innocent, they do not deserve any of this. I want to save their souls. They're all so beautiful.
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