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Moans in the Night
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Seronus smiled at Amaya's rush of excitement as she told him about her home in Paris, and about Paris itself. Of course it was a beautiful and exquisite country. He once was there, but that was back a millenium ago where all it was tall looming buildings with markets out on the streets. But now Paris has changed. The Louvre, a place which he has not seen in his lifetime nor ever experienced. He would like to experience such a rush of life of being alive, to walk among his precious mortals once again. And maybe time will come again for him sleep inside of the earth just as he did for over a millenium and a half.

He wrapped a single arm around Amaya's waist and he drew her close so that he could smell that fresh rosy hair of hers. It was just as violets growing in a garden of all life. He also observed those mortals that sat upon the benches loving each other. They would become a couple, an eternal relationship that would last for lifetimes. They would float into the skies and claim the moon, watching the mortals as they walked the streets down below. He loved each and every one of them. They all reminded him of his brother and his sister. Why did you they have to die? Why did he have to suffer in such a manner?

At times he thoughts that they deserved to die, that his dark soul was glad killing them. He still held a mystery behind those magnetic silver eyes. He was not just a simple old ancient vampire, he was something more than that. At times those eyes would glow gold and Seronus would be lost in thought in a sea of madness. Some things were meant to be secret, some things were not meant to be told. He still held some of those from Amaya, he could not tell her about his soul, he could not tell her that he was part vampire and another part of him was.... He could not bare to tell her anymore, she did not need to know his past. He told her what she wanted to hear, that he was made into a vampire out of vengeance. That was not the whole tale, he never told anybody that he was not of this world. He was something unexplainable that should not be told to any mortal or even a vampire.

We will live together as one, I will love you more than anything else. I will aid you through the hard times, and help you find your maker.
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