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My Mom was a single parent. To give you a glimpse of what really happens my older Sister by nine years was raised by my Grandmother. My older Sister now gives Grandma credit for everything.

I lived in total poverty until I was four. My Mom worked full time, so after school I'd go to the baby-sitters. As far as I can remember. Sometimes we'd do laundry. My Sister was old enough or not their, she'd hang out with her friends. We'd get on the bus, go to the laundry mat and pick up groceries. It wasn't too bad, but it was shaming. We were very poor.

My Father never gave child support. He would take care of me in the Summer and by me gifts. Eventually we moved in with Grandma for several years. My Mom got re-married. My Step-Father never took me in as his daughter. He won't give my ten dollars for gas, just to get to school and back. If we go shopping for Christmas, he buy under $50.00 of clothes for me. He'll by school books for me, but everything, I have to pay back.

My both my Grandmothers have bought me cars. If I need anything my Mom tries to get it for me. Then he yells at her when she needs money.

On top of it all, everyone thinks I'm rich. My relatives might be doing okay, but I have to work very hard for everything and still end up with nothing. When my Mom says she can't afford to help my when she has a new car, expensive paintings all over the walls and everything else and I don't know if I even have a stable future, burns me up on the inside.

So some advice. Try to be a little less selfish.
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