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Moans in the Night
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Reflections of me

Not the usual journal style... but like the title says, this is just the differents reflections of me... my inner thoughts and feelings.

Another soul binding night under an old oak tree of creaking limbs and rustling leaves.

The feeling of simplicity…as a cold dusky breeze raises goose bumps on her arms. Her eyes close in blatant disregard for the humble night scenery.

Ears attuned to every echo of sound…the night creatures that chirp, crick and shrill with the cool winds…slight fluttering of feathers so light, heard in flight…steady steps of hooves so nimble, soft rustles of grass heard in the distance.

Breezes whisper in her ears of dark secrets it gives to those who will listen. Eerie shivers chill through her spine…bringing coldness to her core.

An echo of loneliness thumping softly and rhythmically to its own soulful beat...her own heart felt and heard as a gentle tapping upon the chest, low in tone to one outside, but loud in intensity to her own sensitive ears.
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