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You know my closest friend from 1st grade to 2nd grade had 3 brothers. She was kind-of tough and fought with guys.

i have 3 brother's. but i origionally had 4. but one of them died and i never new him. but i'm glad that i only have three. i only had two brother's that would wrestle me ALL THE TIME untill i toughen up and learn how to fight. so once when i toughened up they stopped messing with me. i wrestled with a couple of guys in high school. i remember this one wrestling match that i had with my friend name joe and him and i were friends for 4 years.

we were by the portables. he pushed me and i pushed him back. that i jumped up and i grabbed him in a headlock. then he got his leg and tripped me and i still had him in a headlock as we both fell to the ground. we both sat up on are feet. we were chocking the holly living shit out of each other. i couldn't breath and my face was turning red.
he told me to let go. then i told him no you let go. as we were still holding each other in that same possition. he slammed my back againt's the portable three times. i still held on to him. then he lowered me down and he banged the side of my side on the corner of the portable a couple of times. i had a hard time breathing while he was doing that. i said that he was a dick while my head was being banged. so i got his ass on the floor. then he tried to crawl undearneath me and he ended up scrapping the skin off of his hand. he was afraid to wrestle me ever since then. i asked him how his hand felt. then he said that it was on fire. i asked him if he wanted to take me on a second match. he said "fuck you and i don't ever want to wrestle you again." so i just sat there and laughed. i'm 5'0 and he was 5'7.

we would wrestled each other before class started early in the morning every day bye the portables. it was fun as hell! i even wrestled a couple of the other guys. all the guys said that i should join the girls wrestling team in high school. but i couldn't cause i got a bad knee, shoulder, and back. if i didn't have these problems with my body. i would be in the wrestling time faster then you would know it.

but i don't do girlie things either. i am also a tom boy my self.
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