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I'm not really sure how to be less tomboyish. I pluck my eyebrows, wear descent clothing, wear make-up, curl my hair and for the most part don't look like a man, unless it was a man looking like a woman and even then drag queens are usually way flamboient. I am not flamboient.

You know my closest friend from 1st grade to 2nd grade had 3 brothers. She was kind-of tough and fought with guys. I would go do normal stuff like walk to the park and hang out. But I also had other friends and we'd play with Barbie. After I moved I might play something a little more aggressive than hop scotch. Still playing with Barbie though and I got Teen Works, then Seventeen and eventually Bizzare.

I've been in classes and jobs where I'm the only woman there. It hasn't been too uncomfortable. Are all men just assholes?
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