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i don't know what advice you are asking for, but i'll put in my two cents anyway, because i'm good at that

i think hitting is fine. i know a lot of people that don't like to do it and won't do it at any cost. but my boyfriend and i wrestle, smack, slap, and stuff like that all the time. we're just being playful. and we both know where it crosses the line... when it actually hurts, badly. a little hurt is kinda fun, and when you get slapped in the face, it's really an eye opener. but i don't know. i *AM* just one of the guys. although i'm female, i'm a tomboy, big time. so i'm into all that playful sort of stuff. i hate when someone is too serious about physical interactions. it really limits you... especially when you are too afraid that you are going to hurt the other person or piss them off. fuck being a lady... (like i said, i'm a tomboy, so that's just my line of thinking). i'd rather go all out and wrestle and just have fun!
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