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*He had been driving around the city for some time now on his brand new F124 hellcat, which he had bought for himself as a small christmas gift, he liked the feel of the power of it but it felt nothing like his older bikes which he had collected over the years, but alteat if he drove this around he would finally be able to send his older bikes to get some much needed matnace.

He had felt very strange these past few weeks, nothing big had gone on people had stood in the shadows and even his friends seemed to be avioding him lately. In a way Sano enjoyed this quite time it was much nicer then the constant fighting and struggeling throughout the past years. But still a nice little job or something would releve some backed up tention that had built up inside of him.

Starring at the asphalt as it speed by underneth him he swerved in and out of traffic like he was some kind of profesional driver, there was not much to dodge anyway at 12:30 in the snowy city. It was not untill he heard a ringing that he had even come to attention agian."Who the fuck would be calling me like this" He then tapped his helmet and his earpiece came on.*

Who is it
Hey Sanosuke its me Sidewhinder
Its been a while....what are you calling about
I was wondering if you could come over real quick so we could decuss some business
Your still in west side right....I guess I could be there in twenty or so minutes

*With that his earpiece went dead and his phone went dead. Joseph or known to most as sidewhinder was an old acquatance back from the 70's. Unlike most of his associts Joey was mortal through and through and was not long for this world, and as so he stood mostly to himself and several small business venturer that were meant to keep him comfortable till his time was up.
Sanosuke actually like him mainly cause he knew it was always more of a social call then a job that needed to be done. So there were really no second thoughs of driving to the westside to visit him, and so driving like the mad man he was he continued to drive recklessly in the dimmly lighted streets*
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