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Yes, she is the first grandchild on both sides. She wasn't severely hurt with the cat-thing but I just didn't like that she let it happen in the first place. I mean, just how long does she keep a 9 month old baby out of sight? Ya know?
And yeah, I'd hope to move out ASAP after finding a job, if I were to go back to my parent's house. But we live in a TINY town and there's no way I could get a job closer than 40 miles from my parents house. So if I moved to the town my job was in, I would have to find a daycare. They're outrageously expensive, not to mention a bunch of strangers....
I'd hope to move in with Chaos, but hell I don't know if he wants to do that kinda thing... I don't know. The guy I live with now is supporting the baby and I, and I'm about to start working part time. But I hate living here with him. It's gone from tolerating him to active contempt. He makes me ill when he gets near me...
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