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Two questions - How old is your daughter, and is she allergic to the cats?

I only ask because at one point(I think I was about five)we had around a dozen cats(I don't know why, I think they kept adopting my mother...). As long as the place is kept clean it doesn't really have to be a problem. If she's allergic or asthmatic then it becomes an issue, but otherwise not really.

What is going to affect her is if you're constantly unhappy...obviously I don't know the details of your situation, but if you really don't want to be where you are, she's bound to pick up on it. And if she's old enough to realise what's wrong it'll be even worse.

Is it better for you to be with your parents for a while and know that it's only temporary, or stay where you are and risk falling into a pattern of unhappiness that's harder to break the more habitual it becomes and with no idea when circumstances may change?

You have to live with the decision you make, so nobody else can decide for you, but I wish you luck whatever choice you make.
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