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Hiro looks down at his feet, shy as a school boy. With a grunt he quickly regained his normal demeanor. "Wel....the wings......" He stammered. Hmm, how to say? "All of this happened to me when Orquid stabbed me in the back. And that's not speaking too symbolically, either." Endless hissed Orquid's name, turning just enough to glance at her in pure spite. But, fuck her. He only wanted to talk to Lenina at the moment. Her compliments cast a strange expression on his face, perhaps a mixture of shyness and embaressment. " look good as ever, Lenina." He finally managed to say, and with a pretty decent level voice this time. No stammers or skips. Thank God for small miracles. Taking her hand in his, he speaks to her softly in her ear, now the loud howl in his voice gone. Now his voice is that of Hiro: "I shall protect you from all, Lenina." Endless places his other hand on her wound, willing some of his newly aquired power he had assimilated from DarkSatine into her arm. There was a dull glowing of gold, then nothing. He smiles at her.

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"your stupid, and you deny feelings from everyone because i think you are scared to know that someonecares"-someone's words to me

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Now my anger's growing worse, next ones working as a nurse, have to make a doctors call, drag my body down the hall, grab a scalpel and a blade, time to play the nurse's aid,operate then strap her down,carve her face into a clown.
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