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Endless' head snapped down, staring coldly at Orquid. Saliva is strung between his fangs. He's starving. Blood.....needed blood.......

And here Orquid stood, battered, vulnerable. But no, he wouldn't. Satine......If Orquid was to defend her then why in the living fuck were they here anyway? Growling, Endless' began sniffing Orquids skin. Nothing. No hate, no doubts. Only determination. With a sigh he regained to his regular stance/pose. His wings shot out, covered both Satine and Orquid. "You don't seem to understand, Orquid, I need to feed, and I came here looking for you anyway. But, a two course meal sounds better than just a simple desert." He laughs, his laugh as his voice, carrying with it the very embodiment of evil desire. Green electricity zapped periodically around his body, charring the ground or heating the air with its power. "And just why do you defend her? Wouldn't you rather she died than you? Or is she your long lost sister or something? I need to eat, and the only way to get my food is to either bite out you throats or fight you and devour your dark emotions. So, which one of you goes first? And don't even think about trying to flee, I can easily catch you." He lowers his head like a bull, his eyes on both Orquid and Satine, glowing with the fires of Hell. He howls at them, sounding like a T-rex from Jurassic Park, saliva streaming all over them and burning holes in their clothes.

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Ange De Demon Dieu...svp m'a laissť changer. Laissez l'amour demeurer chez moi une fois de plus...

"your stupid, and you deny feelings from everyone because i think you are scared to know that someonecares"-someone's words to me

People are wicked creatures capable of nothing but betrayal, hatred, and dishonesty. The greatest of these is betrayal. Fuck you all; Burn in Hell. Your screams are sweet sounds unto my ears

Now my anger's growing worse, next ones working as a nurse, have to make a doctors call, drag my body down the hall, grab a scalpel and a blade, time to play the nurse's aid,operate then strap her down,carve her face into a clown.
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