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*DarkStorm's pretty stupid right now, but not stupid enough to deny compliance with Endless' reccomendation. His wings spring back into existance and cover his body while he uses his hands to cover his ears. The wings glow momentarily, and then no movement can be seen of the living dome DarkStorm has created for himself. He uses his psionic vision to look over at Bones. Still there. With his wings back and looking down at the dirt beneath him he realizes his fun time is over... or rather... it never really was. He was just making light of a dark situation. It was a mistake and compromised his own well-being. Now he's stumbled into this situation, cowering and in no position to defend himself now. 'What a fool I am' he thinks as he listens through his palms for whatever noise he is protecting himself from and looks on at Endless' psionic shape near Satine's own psionic shape... both powerful... both unpredictable.*
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