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Re: Yes, yes...yet another test to pass the time...ENJOY!

1: Who's the best PowerPuffGirl? Buttercup

2: What time is it in your world? Ummm there is no time here

3: For that matter, whats the name of your world? World of the Unknown Losers

4: Color of the sky in your world? Black and dark blue

5: Pumpken or sunflower seed? Sunflower

6: Cats or dogs? Cats

7: Godzilla or KingKong? Godzilla

8: Black or Bliz-ack? Black

9: No or yes? No

10: Favorite Ninja Turtle? Micahelangelo

11: Favorite kind of slush? Blue

12: Top 5 threads? Ummmm Solace's one.... The Cyber one.... All of Lillith's threads.... DM's dungeon and maybe one of Mine

13: Favorite question so far? Ummm the Powerpuff one

14: G.I. JOE or Cobra? Cobra

15: He-Man or Thunder Cats? Thunder cats

16: Are you new, old, or somewhere in the middle? Im in the middle

17: Favorite movie type (Horror, SiFi Etc.)? All

18: Bottom or top? Both

19: Dark eyes, or lights, sweet, sexy, hot eyes? All

20: My place or yours? Yours

21: 3rd input sex? Huh.....

22: Favorite candy bar? Twix

23: Salty, sweet, or sour? Sweet

24: Shower or bath? Both

25: Hotwheels or Matchbox? Matchbox

26: AOL or MSN? Niether

27: They both suck right? I fully agree

28: Lay's (Chips) Can you eat just one? Nope

29: K-mart or Walmart? Niether

30: They suck right? Yep

31: Up or down? Down

32: Fire or ice? Fire

33: Favorite smile? Smile???? What's that???

34: Can you name Luckys marshmellos? Blue Moons

35: Morning, noon, or night? Night

36: Shoes or boots? Boots

37: Goku or Vegeta? Vegeta.... I love watching DBZ

38: One wish, what would it be? i wish that i could know the meaning of this test....

39: 39 or 40? 40

40: Why do you even bother? Cause im bored as hell
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