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Honestly.....I'm trying to lose weight as well, and am looking for a diet that will "cut it"

I ate nothing but salads for a month, but I'm getting reeeeeeeeal sick of lettuce, so hearing about spinach sounds good. Also, I have, say, Cheerios in the morning (one bowl) with soy milk instead of real, and that's not bad; but weight loss is different for women then for men...

I miss going to aerobics like you wouldn't believe. I thought after I'd gotten laid off that since I had the time, I had all these lofty goals; turns out the comp and the PS3 (And XBox360) became my best friends and I seldom go out.

Duddy: how do I start to get back into shape with a routine that works? I have asthma, and I was thinking of getting that tape "Turbo Jam".......what's your opinion? I'm so ashamed that I let myself go after all these years, and I want to fix it.
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