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thank you doomblossom. you truly are a life saver. i was acctualy offered a chance to join a new band today, about 5 minutes ago actually...... i think it wil be a fun adventure when i get back fomr my trip to philly.

i do try to savor life, i just have trouble finding things worth savoring, know what i mean? there is this possible head trauma, or somehtinglike that. i keep having nose bleeds, and real bad headache's. i cant concentrate most of the time, and i get sleepy and dizzy, but i can never fall asleep. for the last 5 nights straight i have had lapses of time where i wuld close my eye's and see crazy things. i wil just stay awake fr hours on end, listening to the radio, then staring at the ceiling. there are animals in my attic, so i lsten to them furries scurry around. maybe i should go chase them or something, make me loose some energy, or pass out and wake up with rabi's or some shit like that.....

**foams at the mouth and starts to bite random people**

run! run! i have rabi's.................

i think i should go find my old shit, and bring mink back into the world. i can do a little ritual from the magus and bring my little dinosaur back to life....

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