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your mom is unusually hot in alaska. but then you're having this dream and immediately there's something significant about it: you're eight years old and you're in a boarding school. like, ok this is obviously a dream and this sucks, wake up. cept you dont wake up, you gotta climb out of the two story window and slide down the roof, which for some reason has a grade of like 11 degrees, but you cannot stay in a boarding school, that's lame. now you're in the woods with this old guy and hes like -we gotta fight the hydra, it's gonna eat the schoolchildren - but you're like - but grandpa, i dont wanna fight the hydra - cept dude is gone and you're like 45 now and you got a shotgun and you gotta fight the hydra. it never dies no matter how many times you shoot it, and its just completely morphing into all these crazy monsters with each frame, like some ethereal entity if oure chaos. suddenly you're a caveman and a pterodactyl is trying to eat your baby, but now youur an xmen and you gotta fight magneto and WTF will i ever wake up from this shit??!!
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