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It's similar to one of the worst moments in the season earlier. Like, I hated the Brienne vs. Arya fight scene a lot for a lot of reasons, but the absolute worst part was Arya saying she wants to fight Brienne because the castle's trainer "Didn't beat the hound." And then she smiles, like this is a fun game to her.

The view could be forgiven for forgetting that at this point in the story, Arya thinks the Hound is dead, and he was a father figure to her. Like even last season, which sucked a lot in its own right in the writing department, they explicitly addressed and acknowledged that Arya had deep emotional feels for the Hound as someone who had taught her and protected her and risked his life for her, and that despite his flaws and killing Micah she still had a lot of emotions there.

But in that scene it was just shrug, whatever, You killed the Hound. That makes you a badass and I love fighting badasses because I'm Arya the idiot's version of what female empowerment looks like.
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