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Vigil Darkhome

I am vigil i join this forum to find other souls bearing the burden of revenge.I am not some angry soul crying out for no reason. I urge you all who feel rage in your hearts to strike back with you words. Damn all that see no fault in the world as it is. join me my brothers and sisters of the night to dismantle the machinations of false hope for our minds.

i fight my fight with the pen and with the sword. i will strike out at all the corrupt and evil in this world with my own cold indifference to emotion. broken my soul has found a new purpose i will reconstruct the so fragile bonds of chaos and order and restore the Even. fire fights fire and burning is my soul.

i am also a patron of the written word i see many talented artists here. i see so much potential for so many individuals here to achieve total greatness. i implore you all to give your best so that we may all thrive in the genius that surrounds this dark corner of the vast reaches of existence

I Vigil Darkhome bid you farewell for now. very soon i will post some of my work i hope that some of you talented writers give my work a glance from the sharpest corner of your eyes at least once.
Through flame through frost i will get my vengeance harnessing chaos i will concrete the obvious.
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