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um.... i read, that kurt was full of heroin when he apperently shot himself in the head. not only was he full he was well over a hardcore user's bodily tolerance (a hardcore user's body builds up a tolerance of their addiction - same with alcohol) and he would be dead before being able to shoot himself in the head. killed as soon as it was in his system. if he did survive, he'd be out of it. the doctor pathologist whatever said something like "wouldnt even be able to piss straight"

now when you have a shotgun, and you place it in your mouth, you really have to stretch to hit the trigger.....
ive seen someone use their toes to do it.

could someone that fucked do it?

and supposedly, and in my view he was so fucked on heroin, he was gone then.

thats the suicide bit. BUT - reading about the holes, sounds like he didnt do it himself.

and also, apparently courtney had a boyfriend...... maybe he did it?
courtney made him. but she's the bitch killer. im sure she'd get off on it knowing the sick bitch she is.
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