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If it's just an odd scratch, it's probably not that bad...we've all had run ins with family pets. Worst scratches I've seen were when one of my brothers fell into a rose bush...I think he was about a year or eighteen months old. As long as there's someone around to make a fuss, small children are extremely resilient when it comes to these things...

If you did move back in with your parents, would it be a long-term thing? Or are you just looking to save some money so you can get your own place?(Presumably with Chaos) If the latter, how would you cope financially? Would you still have to leave your daughter with your parents during the day?

I assume working from home isn't an option, but would part-time be feasible? Again, I have no idea what kind of work you're qualified for, but if there's anything available that pays extra for unsociable hours then working while your daughter's(hopefully)asleep might be worth considering...

Sorry to sound like the Inquisition, it's obviously not something you're taking lightly, but you need to be clear exactly what the options are, so you don't end up trading a bad situation for a worse one.

Oh, and good grandparents are notorious for spoiling grandchildren, especially if she's the first...nature of the beast, I'm afraid.
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