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My daughter is 9 months old. So far I haven't noticed an allergy to the cats, but she has been scratched a couple of times while visiting her grandmother, and mom thinks it's no big deal. Also, I happen to be allergic - and so is my mom, go figure....

I'm not sure if a nine month old can pick up on a constantly unhappy mother, but if she can already then it's too late even now. I've not been happy for a long time, considering the fact that I am going through a dirty, bitter divorce with an abusive husband.

And this part is definately selfish, but it must be said - When I live with my mom I am gone to work all day, so childcare is much, much cheaper - but then my daughter tends to start preferring my mother over me. She spoils her to death anyway, but when I work and never see her it makes me nuts. Another problem without solution.
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