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But it's not. I linked two posts on FB to the forum itself. And who shows up? Alliance of Concerned Men. Nigga ain't been here since back in the day. I was planning on digging through the archives for more comedy gems and posting them on FB. Whatever medium gets people here... I don't give a rat shit.

I don't want to get all super-WL bitchy, but up until a couple weeks ago it was me, fr0g, Sik Simon, and the occasional old user stopping by briefly. And the spammers/guests. Sik Simon would post youtube videos and rants, fr0g would lurk and pop up with a fr0g comment every other day, and I would read out goth poetry on webcam. That was it. Since we all reconnected on FB and made the page active, traffic has massively increased on the forum site. I realize that 6 users instead of 4 doesn't seem like much, but the fact that recent threads list on the right side gets full on a daily basis means that we must be doing something vaguely right. It may not be the best long-term solution, but obviously our hands are tied considering we don't have the power to do shit around here.

You're still hot, though.

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