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Originally Posted by Uncletiggs View Post
Welcome Back to our world!!

Please come back often and regale us with what you have been doing since your last visit..

Which, by the way, has been FAR TOO LONG!!!!!

Haha, I'm sorry!
Like I said - just workin. I was managing a kitchen for awhile, but eventually gave it up so I work in two jobs instead of just the one. My life is pretty boring and repetitive.

Originally Posted by Sik Simon View Post
There's an oldschool peep I havn't seen in ages. Hardcore.

Hi Sik.

Originally Posted by Lenina View Post
Hi Hun. I just kinda missed you. I am sorry I yahooed you, I thought that you were still using it. I hope you're okay. I do miss you doll. email me or something when you get the chance and if you miss me... I'm always on here. xxx Much love.
No need to be sorry! It was quite the pleasant surprise!

Originally Posted by Tozzy View Post
Come back for real Ditto! Miss you!

Miss you, too, Sugar.
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