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Gay marriage illegal?

Hey guys, I was just wondering if you've all heard about the 'new' proposed law that conducting or having a gay marriage should be illegal? If someone else has started this already, I'm sorry for my laziness, but I found nothing really pertaining to this subject where I looked.

So, should it be illegal? What if a gay couple wanted to adopt a kid, should that be illegal as well? Why?

I myself am not gay, but I have many friends who are...anyway, I don't think it's right for anyone to have the power to say someone can't get married just b/c of their sexual orientation. In my mind, that would be just like restricting a man or woman from doing something they want to do solely based upon one's gender. If it makes them happy, what right does anyone have to take that away from them? I dunno, just thought this would be a lil interesting...

So what do you think?
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