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" want"- that's dangerous. I get your meaning though.
I misspoke that. What I meant was that don't cut carbs out completely or your body will hate you. It just depends on what kind, in which case yes, the white stuff is mostly the bad guy.

Speaking of whole grain, have you noticed manufacturers have begun featuring "X grams of whole grains in every serving"; when you look at the nutrition information label though, you find there are only 1 or 2 grams of fiber? Tricky.
...which is why I don't like to eat tremendous amounts of overly processed crap. Ah, now there the mystery is solved as to why I'm so picky! lol

RE the PM, ~G~: is food combination like eating an apple after a fatty meal to absorb some of the fat. An athlete friend of mine does that.
Not's quite extensive in some cases in certain ethnic diets and some forms of vegetarianism, but it makes a lot of sense. Here it is in a nutshell...[this is actually from a site on detoxing, but it gives a good overview]: Food Combining

It sounds like a pain in the butt, though I can't begin tell you what it's helped me to do with myself healthwise. It's amazing what a little effort can give back to you.
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