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basically, i think,,that it is better to restrain yourself from the mass religions in life...and just live how you feel is right. most people attend church or whatever, so that they don't end up in hell. it seems like just living your life your own way is so much more righteous than abiding the man-written codes and guides out of fear of damnation. i don't think God gives a shit if you eat meat on fridays. that is if this so called God even exists,,,which i doubt. here's one i asked my friends, while we were smoking pot in the woods...."what is more respectful to God,,,sitting out here, smoking pot in the woods, or going to church and reading the bible?" my answer was of course smoking pot in the woods,,,since your high mind views and appreciates the trees, skies, even the ground that this so called God made for us to opposed to going to a man-made building, reading a man-written book, and listening to a man (priest,,whatever) spit out the philosophies and redundant views of other men before him. but hey,,,i don't believe in shit anyway, so fuck it.
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