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Go read the post I put in your poetry thread. Yes, I've gone to being a independent vixen. Much better this way........I'm myself and NO ONE is EVER going to change me unless I really see I should.*sighs*
I kinda figured you had a below the gutter mind, hell it takes one to know one.

I would take a picture of my hair if I could exclude my face. And if I hadn't already put a new role of black and white film already in 2 weeks ago.

". . . This is only the cold nose of the fuck-happy fox creature.
-Tip of the iceberg."--Denalay

Somedays it isn't worth chewing through the leather straps.
I see the assassins have failed.

"Hey Courtney, aren't you a Buddahist? The goal is to obtain Nirvana, not break them up."---Madonna to Courtney Love on SNL
No magic is ever truly destructive. For what is destruction, except creation with an agenda?
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