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ive been watching the history channel most of the day, and they've been playing a bunch of shit on 9/11. maybe its just a conservative channel but how they portray it, once, for the first time, my thoughts were "why didnt they just leave the fucker alone to do his job (bush)."

supposedly, when it happened he was chillin in a second grade classroom in bfe, america listening to a bunch of kids read. that's the story. a women who lost her husband in the towers asked "why did he wait 7 to 10 minutes to react?" well bitch, maybe because he's not fucking superman and has to wait for his shit to fuel up and his boys to get the plane ready? maybe most of you wont agree with this (and i dont care) but he fucking invaded iraq for this shit. people were looking for retailition, and he took the runner up. he's a dumbfuck and i hate him and im glad the reps have egg all over them for the fag senetor who was arrested for trying to get blown in an airport, but bush is just a mediocre guy. he's a C. he's doing the fucking best he can. i just watched a program that claimed they grounded over 5000 aircraft in 3 hours, that's not bad.
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