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Originally Posted by Manifesto View Post
im pretty sure I listed 3 of the major ones....

but I can go on if you like..... in fact lets go thru them in order and ill point out the ones that have been violated

1.the freedoms of speech, the press, religion, and assembly.
-freedom of speech has been violated in several ways, but primarily in the government attempts to quell peaceful protests.

2. the right to bare arms
-has been trampled all over, especially regarding public venues. (football stadiums...etc)

3. Protection from quartering of troops. - does not apply

4. Protection from unreasonable search and seizure. - two word: patriot act

5,6,7,8 - all wrapped up in one tidy bundle of torture, repeal of due process, and modern day concentration camps such as Gitmo.

9-10 - can be summarized as having been nullified by the Dept of Homeland Security.

don't worry billy, im not asking you to question the status quo - i know you find comfort in big goverment. you are exempt.
So you're saying you no longer have the freedom of religion speech and press and all that? When was the last time the gubmint broke into your house and stole your bongs and crack pipes with an unwarranted search?

Newsflash sweetheart, that isnt happening, ergo its not true. I am sure you'll tell us of a story of some crack dealer whos house was raided by NARCs and then pretend this is all the patriot act, its not.

Your freedom is fine, you are still free to bitch and moan about a government you help elect. You are still free to be a waste life.

Gitmo isnt a concentration camp, its a holding facility for terrorists and enemy combatants. Cry more noob. And please explain what torture is, Water boarding isn't really torture any more than tickling someone to a confession with a feather is.

So stop being such a faggot.
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