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Rant My 9-11 Rant

(originally posted on myspace)

Let me start this with a disclaimer, because there are lots of stupid people in the world - and chances are 1 in 3 that you are one of them. so take a deep breath, release it and don't take anything I say too seriously. here is my disclaimer: I have an opinion, if you don't like it, fuck off. don't send me hate mail or ill piss in your cereal.

I am so sick of hearing about 9-11... I'm not saying it wasn't a horrible tragedy - I'm not saying that it wasn't a despicable act of violence or that it wasn't both the finest display of American spirit and the most horrifying moment of our generation. All of that, I agree with.

but shut the fuck up about it already, look at the civil liberties that you have given away freely because of it. the terrorists, who are in fact "terrorist" - have won. they have used fear to in some way modify the way that you live your life. they have imposed "terror" on your life. Do you know how many people I know who check the government sanctioned terror level before they get on a plane?

"oh no - its orange, I guess we aren't going to grandmas house this year, kids."


a community that lives in fear is easy to control - they are easy to coerce. whether or not their is some government conspiracy behind 9-11 is a moot point. because whether or not they caused the tragedy, they have certainly learned how to use it to manipulate each and every one of us into giving up our civil liberties. liberties that are ours by birthright!

Embrace your rights, use them freely and openly. we have lost so many, and for what?

what have we gained?

we had the right to free speech, now we have the right to be arrested for peaceably protesting in our nations capitol. We had the right to privacy, now we have the right to unwarranted wiretaps and video surveillance. we used the have the right to bare arms, now we have the right to be frisked in public without probable cause.

so remember those lost that day - but don't just remember them....

Remember all of those who have been lost to torture and murder, in the name of peace, since then.

remember those innocent civilians, who because of the action of a few are being occupied by a tyrannical regime.

and guess what people, we are that tyrannical regime. get it through your heads. we have become the bad guy.

fuck thats depressing.

its time to become active in politics, embrace nonviolent protest and tell the government how you feel.

Protest: its whats for dinner.

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