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my fav's are

caddyshack....chevy chase at his best
cannibal the musical....matt and trey's first genius work
half baked....dave chapelle rules all comedy
national lampoon's vacation series....chevy chase at his other best
jay and silent bob strike back....kevin smith should team up with the other comedy masters trey and matt,would make for a nut busting comedy.
fear of a black hat....most are not aware of this NWA mockery movie....funny shit for sure
waynes world
nothing to lose....
kung pow
bad santa
old school
american pie series
porky series
revenge of the nerds 1
men in tights
dracula dead and loving it
naked gun series.
dumb and dumber
ave ventura 2:when nature calls
black sheep
billy madison
tommy boy
meet the parents

goddamn i like alot,ok will stop here

Hails The Sønns Of Norden Darkness!
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