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What Song Describes Your Mood/Situation?

It's simple, post a song whose lyrics describe your current mood or situation or even a person that you're reminded of. You can post multiple times. After all, there's more than one mood and/or situation and/or person. Heh.

For me has to be...

With Teeth - Nine Inch Nails

Reminds me of me and my girl and our situation
To be as close as science will let us and in an elemental sense, the average adult male, 5'11", 167lbs, is composed of: water (35 liters), carbon (20kg), amonia (4 liters), lime (1.5kg), phosphorus (800g), salt (250g), saltpeter (100g), sulfur (80g), fluorine (7.5g), iron (5g), silicon (3g), and 15 other trace amounts of other elements.

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