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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fuck love!!!!!!!!!

You can say that you love me!!!!???? WTF!!WHat kind of love ignores going to smash your fucking precious game. Hours upon hours of staring at your back.."Are you going to get off soon?" I ask . "Yeah just let me level up." Hours go by.DAy after day you live a seperate life in the same fucking house. I want to beat you senseless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are a pathetic and sick person. Play with your sons you fucking self centered creep. You have a life people dream of, a gorgeous family and a hot wife but you take everything for granted you spoiled waste of a man!!!!!!!!! I should just go fuck someone else..god knows I have a line waiting for the day I leave you. But I'm stupid enough to love you and want it to work. I'm going to shove every Everquest book, game, etc ...up your fucking ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You dont even play with your kids anymore. I hope your online life makes you really fucking happy. YOU STUPID FUCK!

feel free to bitch about your loved ones
i was happy in the haze of a drunken hour........but heaven knows im miserable now
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