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Originally Posted by Tozzy
tim burton's charlie and the chocolate factory. pisses all over the original.

jackson's lord of the rings trilogy. fuckloads better than the animated edition. and not only because it was live, not animated, the animated version was fucking DIRE.

thats all i can think of right now, since i'm going to bed and i dont want to strain my brain. kinda proves the point really.
hmmm interesting I have not seen it yet, largely because I didnt think Johny Depp could top Gene Wilder.

the lotr is a whole diffrent ball of wax I dont think you could compare the two. I still rememebr the live action ring riders from the animated series to be scarier but I was younger when I watched the moveis. The kicker for me and why the animated series was better is do to the happy songs they would sing.
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