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So at last my luck has finally seemed to run out... I can't seem to win at cards anymore ... I don't get it. I make most of the right decisions but nothing seems to pan out. ... my love life.... am not sure exactly what I am with this girl. am I friend? am I her b/f? am not sure where I stand, and maybe it's better that I don't know, I may not like the answer. see let's paint a picture here ... about two weeks ago a girl named liz said this girl named sarah had a crush on me, since I don't hear that often I was instantly flattered at least. After seeing who it was, I was like hey, you're kind of cute.... we started texting, and stuff. We hung out. We kissed we hugged, it was everything I could have asked for. I found myself falling for this girl, and she me. Those three words were said in the course of a week. Can't help it we fell fast. then last wednesday she breaks up with me saying that she wasn't looking for a serious relationship, and that I apparently was, which I really never specified what I was looking for, and explained that. We somehow stay friends, and I wasn't upset in the slightest.... however, we still seem to not to bve able to really keep our hands off each other, and the texting back and forth really hasn't stopped. She changed her myspace to being in a relationship, and I'm not sure at this point if we are or we aren't, because we say one thing but we're honestly doing another because there is passion in those kisses and embraces.... I am not understanding anything at this point. ... am I her relationship or just a friend? She even said there isn't anyone else. I believe her. I am confused.
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