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I am sitting on a fence post right now. Life in general is pretty dull and quiet, as far as it all goes. My time is mostly spent between surfing the internet or playing my xbox 360, sleeping and working. Every so often I get to cut loose and do something with someone. I have become a hermit of sorts ... yet I have no solitude ... I am still running around and in my current state I am not unhappy , nor am I particularly thrilled . I get older but I still look like I'm 19 or 20. I have become quite ageless it seems ... people become attracted to me for many reasons, though I think it's more or less of my one of a kind personality... I'm not as hyper as I used to be... but I do tend to speak and think a little bit differently, my voice has improved greatly and I can sing well enough that there are those that want me to sing in their band, only i don't really have the time. I have found that I can also impersonate a broad range of people's voices and I do it rather well and I can't really explain how I can do it... I just think of a voice and attempt to hit the pitch they are in and somehow it works. I know I haven't typed in here for two years and it is indeed hard to sum it all up in a few paragraphs... I honestly feel like things are different and I am not looking at the world through the same pair of eyes anymore. perhaps I am not.
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