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~sighs~ .... well I read this post after I read and posted to your other thread.

First off... and I say this because it seems me it should be your first priority.... grow up. Now ... I know I just pissed you off ... and if it sounded harsh ... it was because I ment it to be. Being a single mom... by choice and under good circumstances is a harsh reality. After reading your posts ... I watched you go from ... give me advise about being a single mom.... to giving the father of your child "what he deserves" .

Well sweetie ... it took two of you to make that baby ... it is neither a fix it for your relationship ... or a weapon to hurt or destroy its father. It is a child... period. A little life that depend on you to be the grown up... to make good decisions... to see that it comes first.

So... my advise .... from one single mother to another... your energy is best used for other things ... besides revenge, mind games and manipulation... where that childs father is concerned.

Raising a child ... even in the best of situations is a hard, endless and tiring prospect. Being a parent is perhaps the most difficult job in the world... you have no idea just how difficult ... until you experience it.

And if this child and its welfare and happiness are not your PRIME concern .... then again I say .... grow up.

But if you really want someone to help you out... talk to you and give you advise .... on being a single mom... I would be happy to do so.... I live it each and every day.
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