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Originally Posted by Wicked Lady
Everyone knows that slavery was only a small part of the basis for the Civil War. It was only a part because of the economic importance of the cotton industry, one that couldn't have survived the way it did (which provided the northern states with a valuable commodity) without slavery. Furthermore, only a small percentage of people down here owned slaves. I, myself, am descended from sharecroppers.. the next step up from being an indentured servant. This person's rant is as ridiculous and biased as any KKK speech I've ever heard.
I'm betting the writer is also ignorant that Lincoln had no intention of allowing blacks to enter society with equality. Lincoln was what was known as a "colonist" at the time. The "colonists" wanted the blacks to be free, and GONE. Lincoln started shipping them back to Africa after the war, but that program died when he died. It was never a moral crusade for the North, but people like to think it was.
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