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Suggesting/starting a new forum.

We will only start a new forum if there are lots of people interested in participating in it. Only then can we believe that the users will be dedicated in making it a successful forum.
  • Start a poll in User Feedback/Suggestions forum with the following:
    1. I am NOT interested in this forum
    2. I might visit this forum every once in a while
    3. I am interested in this topic but another forum already covers this
    4. Yes I am interested and will post occasionally
    5. I am very interested and will post frequently
  • You will need atleast about 15 unique to vote number 5. About 30 to vote number 2 and 4. If more people vote 1 or 3 then we'll probably not create it.
  • Let us know in your post why you think that forum will be a good addition to Darkforum
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