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"Possers"- really very simply put... crave attention, nothing bad about that, better then killing babies and eating the heads off of kittens... unless thats what their posing

"Goth" you know I don't know anything about goths... I don't care to know anything either they enjoy doing what ever they do and thats cool with me.

"gangs"/"Gangsters" caught up in the image of quick power, funny people at time's, but very prideful. Still cool people to be around.

"preps" 'omfg my clothes aren't straight' 'I broke a nail' 'oh god look a hair out of place' is more ocd then prep stereotype as most people would label them. I find nothing wrong with wanting to look nice and be presentable to the mainstream of society. Even if I prefer to dress like a slob.

"Jocks" lol this one is great, a comon saying among my friends at school was 'all jocks are jerks' funny thing is, is alot of them just like doing a sport, no different then me playing my games. Their just more popular for it, still the same as me though.

"geeks" "nerds" heh I've been called this alot, I'm not smart enough to be a geek, and I'm too lazy to be a nerd. people called this just excel at computers, they understand them. hey I tend to agree, I think I understand my pc more then my family untill a GPF.

hmm you know what going through this list of comon stereotypes no one fits just one stereotype I guess thats why I don't judge people

in example: some times I enjoy looking nice, maybe for a day or a couple of days, that would make me a prep.

yet I also like to Run track and work out to keep myself somewhat in shape, this lables me as a jock

of course I'm obsessed with computers, and anyone who can talk nerdy around me, even if I can't understand it. this classifies me as a nerd and a poser.

I guess I just don't really understand stereotyping. Though I do hope this helps you.
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