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Serious I need opinions not advice

hello, I am here for one purpose and that is to continue my on going study of stereotypes dont yell at me please, I know that they are unstopable so please dont tell me that.
I would like to ask all of those reading this to tell me their thoughts and opinions on the one or a few of the following subjects in as much seriousness as they can

Stereotypes in general
and I dont have time to really list them all but you get the idea. Please help me learn about other people and other thoughts I guess in a way you could say this is my study of emotions and reactions.

Thank you to all those that help and if you have something rude to say or have a want or desire to start an argument I will not reply I am not here to argue I am here in my attempt to make peace with my self in understainding other people and emotions that I dont have the pleasure of experiencing myself

sorry for any spelling errors
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