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Originally Posted by Synikul
I can answer it with 3 words. Lawyers and juries.

Malpractice decisions go like this:
$20,000 (or whatever) for missed work time
$1,000,000 (or whatever) if the patient is unable to perform his job anymore
$20,000,000 for pain and suffering

Then the lawyer takes 50% of that last item. Juries approve of this because of the rampant class warfare attitude in this country. They think they're "sticking it to the big evil insurance company". Corporations can't print their own money, so that money has to come from somewhere.

The lawyers and juries take it from the malpractice insurance companies, which aren't the same companies you get your car insurance from.

The malpractice insurance companies raise premiums on doctors and hospitals to cover their costs.

The doctors and hospitals raise prices on everything to cover the skyrocketing malpractice premiums.

The health insurance companies raise premiums to cover the increased cost of services.

And that's why YOU can't afford health insurance.

It's so bad in some states that doctors are leaving the state entirely because it's becoming impossible to do business.

It doesn't have a damn thing to do with Bush. This problem has been growing for years. In fact republicans, at the state and federal level, have been trying to fix the problem by limiting "pain and suffering" damages to six figure numbers. In some states it's been successful. At the federal level you can't get anything through without 60 senators agreeing.

Take a guess which party the opponents are from.

And of course their opposition has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Association of Trial Lawyers is the single largest contributor to the Democratic party. No connection there at all. Nothing to see here folks, just move along.

funny, to have a cesarean under the clinton administration, it was just a little under 3000,for everything, and that's a major surgery...however we were able to afford healthcare back than, it wasn't until after bush took office things started to go bad for us financially, became more difficult to get assistance and generally a spiral down for us poor's so bad my husband has had to take to the road to make money...

in a time when they are preaching marriage for family values, to survive it there can be no traditionaly marriage, either both parents work, or one parent is gone to work...all the time.

bush cares more for his precious iraq than his fellow americans...that decision came from raising a family in his world.

you may say it's not bushes fault, but i'm seeing when this started versus when things were...nice.
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