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So one of the core premises of most communist theory is that government (here meaning the act of actually deciding questions of the rules and processes of society etc.) will be mostly local. Not entirely local because there's stuff you can't do that with and besides which, you'd end up with communities where slavery was re instituted or gays were stoned to death or whatever, but primarily local.

So the question of voting on everything is that you kind of can if it's mostly local and you can of course delegate to representatives for certain things. Personally, I prefer randomized representatives as the Athenians used to actually do (not that I much care for the Athenians) over actual campaigns for representatives, which tend to favor, intrinsically, social class dynamics.

My best answer to the tyranny of the majority, which is already a problem of course, is that things should probably move to consensus and not first-past-the-post voting.

As to the question of labor;

1) Experiments on, for instance, guaranteed basic income have indicated that when they don't have to worry about starvation, people are generally more productive (although you would have to start providing better incentives for shit jobs like janitors etc.)

2) We are increasingly hitting the point in our economic development where the problem is, within the context of a wage-labor dependent system, that there is not enough work to do for people who want to work. So this seems like the opposite of our problem. Note that the core tenet of Marxism is that this is a system that must inevitably arise as capitalism develops through its end, i.e., as technology becomes sufficient to displace most immediate need for human labor.

Also if we are moving past wage slavery per se, what people want to do should be thought of more broadly than just "a trade."

But every indication is that we can or will soon be able to afford plenty of people not doing anything; and that in fact the bigger social problem is trying to figure out in the current order of things, how exactly we can find bullshit tasks for enough people to do sufficient to keep them from starving or dying of easily preventable diseases.
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